here you can find some of my Haskell projects.

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name version description docs hackage misc license
combinat generation of various combinatorial objects [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
combinat-diagrams 0.2 diagrams for combinatorial objects [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
fixplate 0.1.7 generic traversals for fixed-point types [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
nested-sequence 0.2 binary/ternary/quaternary random-access lists [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
bitcoin-hs 0.0.1 partial implementation of the bitcoin protocol [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
sigma-ij Thom polynomials of 2nd order Thom-Boardman singularities [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
vect 0.4.7 low-dimensional linear algebra for computer graphics [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
vect-opengl 0.4.6 OpenGL support for vect [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
tup-functor homogeneous tuples as functors [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
freemodule 0.0 free modules [docs]     BSD3
polynomial-algebra 0.0 polynomial and exterior algebras [docs]     BSD3
bitstring 0.0.0 lazy bitstrings (similar to lazy bytestrings, but with bits) [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
bitarray 0.0.1 bit arrays [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
Munkres 0.1 Munkres' algorithm for the assignment problem [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
hmidi realtime midi [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
launchpad-control Novation Launchpad MIDI controller [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
bitmap 0.0.1 handling bitmaps [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
bitmap-opengl 0.0.0 OpenGL support for the bitmap package [docs] [hackage]   BSD3
stb-image 0.2 wrapper around Sean Barrett's JPEG/PNG decoder [docs] [hackage]   PD
stb-truetype 0.1.1 bindings to the TrueType font rasterizer by Sean Barrett [docs] [hackage]   PD
stb-vorbis   bindings to the OGG Vorbis decoder by Sean Barrett     not released yet PD
aligned-foreignptr 0.1 an aligned ForeignPtr type [docs] [hackage]   PD
imp-frp 0.0.0 old and very experimental FRP library [docs]     BSD3
imp-glut 0.0.0 connects imp-frp with GLUT [docs]     BSD3
arrow-sf 0.1 the classic stream transformer arrow [docs]     PD
vacuum-opengl 0.0.3 an alternative to vacuum-cairo [docs] [hackage]   PD
executable-path 0.0.3 getting the path of the executable [docs] [hackage]   PD
wx-controls-extra 0.0 custom widgets for wxHaskell [docs]   screenshot BSD3
color-spaces 0.0 RGB, HSL, HSV color spaces; used by the wx stuff above [docs]     PD
DirectSound 0.0.0 partial DirectSound binding; enough for stereo playback [docs] [hackage] playback example BSD3
macosx-core 0.0.0 partial and temporary bindings to CoreAudio and CoreMIDI [docs]   playback example BSD3

realtime audiovisual stuff (see on the wikipedia) made with haskell: