Egér a Marson - ICFP contest 2009 (v0.10). See also last year.

Some statistics to boot:

Some conclusions:

About the task:

While at first sight this year's task looked like a mixture of last year's task and some previous year's tasks, I ended up really liking it. I don't usually work with (non-integral) numeric data, so while I'm aware of the existence of numerous issues and land mines, it still surprised me when for example we had to correct an error which was smaller than timestep of the simulation. I also have a newfound respect for NASA and all the space pioneers :) Another subtle thing was how to organize the mission strategies. To me, this begs for some FRP-like approach, and I ended cooking up something with the remote flavour of that (the thing is, I have only a very fuzzy intuition about what exactly FRP is). The VM thing solved the the architecture-dependency of last year, though it lost the warm realtime aspect in the process.

The story in short: