sigma-ij- Thom polynomials of second order Thom-Boardman singularities

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We need to find (small) integer substitution such that the denominator in our formula never vanishes.

That is, for n we need to find n integers a[i] such that:

  • 0  /=  a[i] -  a[j]
  • 0  /=  a[i] - (a[j] + a[k])
  • 0  /=  (a[i] + a[j]) - (a[k] + a[l])


Lazily cached tables of substitutions

theSubsTable :: [Array Int Integer] Source #

We cache a substitution table

Find substitutions

choosePerm :: Int -> [a] -> [[a]] Source #

Select k elements from a list in all possible orders

checkSubs :: forall a. (Eq a, Num a) => [a] -> Bool Source #

Checks if a substitution satisfies the constraints

findSubs :: Int -> IO [Integer] Source #

Find random substitution which satisfies the constraints